Bernard D. Gregor Smith, cellist of the Lindsay quartet.
"I would like to say that Marie-Laure Boulanger is a pianist of great musicality and great ability with what I, and many others considers to be great potential. I think she would soon be considered a considerable assett in any musical performance. An interviewer or listener would very soon be entranced by her positive combination of her vivacious but intense personality."
Yonti Solomon, Professor at the Royal College of Music
"Marie-Laure Boulanger is a wonderfully talented, highly perceptive and creative musician who possesses a superb pianistic command and a profound insight and intelligent in her approach to a wide range of repertoire".
François-Joël Thiollier
An instrumentalist of a remarkable quality today who has always refused to limit her repertoire, which according to me can only give an enriched vision of each work.
Pierre Sancan
"Marie-Laure Boulanger has worked under my supervision since 1984. After three years of serious study, she was admitted to Jean-Claude Pennetier's class at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance. Her musical qualities have permitted her to play in your country (Canada) and I strongly encourage her to continue in this way."
Jean-Claude Pennetier
"I am happy to recommend Marie-Laure Boulanger to you. She has been in my piano class at the C.N.S.M.P. This is a young musician who possesses real qualities of sensibility and authority. She will progress wonderfully with her strong will and intelligence."