"A sublime concert from Marie-Laure Boulanger at the Hermitière Festival. This young virtuoso interpreted Schubert, Chopin, Debussy and Ravel with infinite emotion, mixing delicacy and power."

Midi Libre
"Marie-Laure Boulanger gave us an ample display of her technique. Her vigorous style is often highly virtuosic. An artist with much potential whose evolution should definitely be followed."

Toulouse Musical Review
"With the Bayonne-Côte Basque Regional Orchestra, Fauré's Ballade was a real delight. Only such an interpreter could feel and express the delicacy of the musical argument so naturally. The young pianist M. L. Boulanger sufficiently distinguished herself from the ensemble, but she played the soloist's part with exemplary discretion. She held us under the charm of her malleable and voluptuous sound up until the end of the marvelously distilled arpeggios."

"Chopin was magnificently interpreted at the Prieuré St Michel: M. L. Boulanger at the piano and P. Vieille-Cessay on the cello knew how to put the virtuosity and sensitivity of the composer in evidence. Their interpretation revealed the qualities of these two artists to the public."

Horizons 2000
"Marie-Laure Boulanger came to give us a demonstration of her accomplished virtuosity. Her technique and charm were faultless in a perfectly expressed Chopin. Consumate artistry, facile fingers, and a solid training."

Le Deauville
The Villers Chamber Music Festival began with brio: it welcomed the young musical prodigies Marie-Laure Boulanger at the piano and David Gabel on the violin who were confirmed virtuosi, destined without any doubt to have a great career."

Lions du Nord
"This young artist proved her great technical mastery in performing a varied repertoire, from classical to contemporary, where she was able to show the extent of her style with a full and contrasted sound throughout the interpretation."

Le Perche
"Marie-Laure Boulanger gave a display of her virtuosity on Friday evening. This young artist honoured the masters of classical and contemporary music in a concert given in the François Gardens. A mixture of charm and technicality resulted in a successful interpretation that captivated the audience."

La Montagne
"A piano concert enhanced with poetry. Marie-Laure Boulanger: an extremely sensitive artist… Her interpretation of Schumann's Carnival was light while at the same time full of passion, just like the score."